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July 27, 2011

We didn’t get approved for press badges (yet somehow we get them for EVERY OTHER CON on the planet), but that won’t stop some of us from going! I’ll be updating the blog live from the FUNimation panel. I hope they announce that they plan on re-dubbing/subbing all of Sailor Moon since the manga is due out this fall from Kodansha USA.

If you’re going to be at Otakon, have fun, and be safe. It’s been hot as balls in Baltimore lately.



Wizard World Philly 2011

June 20, 2011

This con didn’t start off on a good note, and that was in no shape the conventions fault; My ride up for Friday bailed on me mere hours before leaving. So instead I went bull riding that night. Saturday wasn’t any easier. We (Pat and I) left a half hour late and got stuck in some pretty shitty traffic.

We did get there, and I got my floor pass from Mike Riley, the creative force behind the hysterical ‘i taste sound’. He was sitting in a small press booth, which I quickly found out (and which he knew from before) was a really shitty spot for him. First, it was underneath an air vent, so it was nice and freezing. Second, people were very reluctant to come over and look at his book. Even after yelling at people to come over, most here all “meh” and kept going. Eventually we moved to the artists alley, where things were much better…and warmer.

The convention itself was larger than last year. They moved into a much better, bigger hall. The “celebrities” were all with each other, the comics were kind of all with each other, and the other crap was all with each other. I heard mixed reviews about comic sales that weekend. A few dealers had a great turnout, while others could barely move stuff. The artist alley was packed, and from what I could tell, everyone was doing fairly well.

One thing I noticed about this con…Not a lot of volunteers/staff walking around. Trying to get an answer on anything was akin to pulling teeth. Pat informed me that the pre-reg line was only being manned by two people. Two people to handle thousands of guests. That’s terrible. Someone really dropped the ball at Wizard this year. It was also impossible to move at times during the con on Saturday. I know, Saturday is the busiest day of any convention. However, many conventions cap attendance. Otakon has become the master of capping, and I only wish more conventions would do the same.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable show. I spent most of my time in the artists alley, helping out. I didn’t buy much, except for some things in the artists alley. Once Pat gets his pictures online, I’ll post a picture report.

My next con is Otakon. Oh boy.


In defense of the stealth convention photographer…

June 17, 2011

I’ve been reading many anime forums lately, where people are discussing perverts and stealth photographers. Apparently, they are one in the same.

The photographer I use does stealth photography. He doesn’t do it to be creepy. He doesn’t want to bang you or do anything else dirty to you. He’s not even thinking that way of you when he takes a stealth photo. He really just sees you (the cosplayer) in a certain light, doing something mundane, but finds beauty in it. Again, I assure you, he doesn’t want to sleep with you, just take my expert word on that. In fact, I’m willing to bet many guys (and girls) who take stealth photographs see something beautiful before them, and simply want to capture that moment. You might be the most convincing model in the world, but nothing will ever replace an honest to goodness real feeling;

See that? He didn’t ask her to pose. She was probably day dreaming, and frankly, this is a lovely picture. Do you see anything misleading about it? Probably not, because it’s not there.

Of course, maybe I’m lucky. Most of the photographers I know who are stealth ones, tend to not take pictures of people eating, talking on phones, or looking generally stupid. They only want to capture something beautiful. So please, before you go off about how people aren’t “real” photographers unless they ask for a picture, think again. I don’t think anyone working for Life or Time asks people to stop and pose as they run away from fire or whatever.


Convention season is here!

June 12, 2011

Just a friendly reminder, if you are a con virgin, please read my tips on how to survive conventions. Also, yay, convention season!



Free Comic Book Day 2011

May 10, 2011

Saturday, May 7th 2011 was Free Comic Book Day all across the nation. I went to Collectors Corner after having to go to my real job cause of an emergency. Thanks, work problem. I got like no sleep because of you.

First off, I must give props to Collectors Corner, in Parkville Maryland. Randy (and the rest of his amazing staff who I love very very much) runs one helluva great shop. Between comic clubs, movie nights, gaming nights, and a Girls Only Comic Club, there is literally something for everyone. There is almost always a sale, too!

For FCBD, Randy almost always has the best party (or whatever) in town. It’s like a mini con inside of his store. Artists, cosplayers, free food, gaming, and cheap comics. Everyone working and volunteering always do a great job getting people whatever they want and need, within reason. I had a ton of fun that day. It was great to see so many kids come out with their parents and getting comics, which will hopefully make them lifelong fans.

And now, some pictures:

All in all, it was a great day. I did visit a few other shops in the area, but by far and large Collectors Corner always has one of the best turnouts, and parties, in the Baltimore area for FCBD. Hell, the cosplayers even caused a car accident. That’s pretty awesome.


I’m copying Han’s post below me.

March 30, 2011


Since I’m not moving out of the country to Japan like I had plans to do (long story, or you could just Google Japan: Earthquake) my convention schedule suddenly got busy.

-Wizard World Philly, June 17-19th. I really dig this con, so naturally I’ll be back for it. It appears the guest list is about the same as last years.

-Otakon, July 29-31st. I know this is silly to say, but I have a feeling this Otakon is going to be pretty big. After what has happened in Japan, I’m sure Otakon will do something to show Japan our support.

-Baltimore Comic Con, August 20-21st. I LOVE THIS CONVENTION.

-New York Comic Con October 13-16th. Maybe this year it won’t be a cluster fuck!

Possible conventions:

-Big Apple Comic Con, September 24-25th. It helps that this con is not right next to NYCC.



I would never light you on fire. Attack you with hugs and squishes, totally.~H

Convention schedule for Han

March 29, 2011

So I don’t really know how I am suddenly attending a ton of conventions, but this has happened so let’s roll with it!

First up will be Anime Boston. I’ve never been, but I am looking forward to it. April 22-24.

Second is AnimeNEXT, June 10-12. This is sort of my “hometown” convention,….that I’ve never been to. xD So another new convention, which will of course be reviewed here (they all will, duh.)

Followed by Otakon, July 29-31. I’ve decided to give it another chance, so we’ll see how it goes this time around! Hopefully it’ll be easier to get around and find things.

Baltimore Comic Con is August 20-21, which I am very excited for. Hopefully it is late enough that I will be able to make it without missing out on any school, but I will also be moving closer to that location, making it tons easier. xD

No Wizard World Philly for me this year, since I’m attending a conference in Florida that weekend. I am also unsure if I will be around to attend NYCC/AF, though if I can, I will go since it was a blast last year. You’ll get an update if that happens.

If you’re going to any of these cons, drop me a line! I’ll be revealing my costumes a bit later on, so keep an eye out for me and say hyello!


Brief talk with Gail Simone

December 10, 2010

So remember that con back in October? New York Comic Con aka clusterfuckcon? Yeah I remember it too.

I never really got to do an entry on it, but Lauren did and really I don’t have too much to say on it. My goal for that con was to try and get footage for the TV station I work for (which did not get used…oh well) but I did manage to snag a couple minutes of Gail Simone’s time. So as not to have made her time (and mine) a complete waste I will share that interview here. Gail Simone currently writes Birds of Prey (I, personally, am SO GLAD this series is back and has her as the author) and Secret Six (which is highly entertaining).

Q: In the recent issues of Birds of Prey, Savant betrayed the Birds and caused a plot twist that surprised fans. Was this something you had planned when you were last on Birds of Prey or was this a new plot you came up with?
A: It was a new plot that I created for this storyline.

Q: In Secret Six you write a believable lesbian character. How did you go about create that character?
A: Make layers and make sure they are well-rounded characters. There are very few minority characters, so I take really good care of them.

Q: Do you listen to any music to inspire you to write certain characters? If so, what songs?
A: I have to have absolute silence. Sometimes during brainstorming there can be background noise. Rest of the time, I need silence.

Q: How was it writing the Birds of Prey episode for cartoon series like Justice League Unlimited and Batman: Brave and the Bold?
A: It was really fun! It was so exciting. I loved it.

Q: If DC ever made a Birds of Prey movie do you think they would ask you to write the script and would you want to do it?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you feel the advances in technology will hurt or help the comic industry?
A: It gives us a new set of tools. Trick is not to stay in the past. Move forward and accommodate with the changing times. People will still want it on paper but will reach a wider audience reaching it digitally.

Q: What words of advice would you give to someone trying to break into the comic industry?
A: Write as much as you can. Decide what to listen to and what not to listen to and find your own voice.

That was all the questions that I asked, because the con is a busy time for everyone so I wanted to keep it short and sweet.  Believe me, I could’ve just stayed there all day and asked questions.  And then she would’ve had to shoo me away with a broom.

Next year I do plan to return to NYCC and hopefully will have my own video equipment to get footage with audio and do a couple on-site interviews!

For my next post on here, you guys can expect my thoughts on what has been going on with DC and J. Michael Straczynski’s future game plan for Superman: Earth One graphic novel series and him dropping two books, but we still get his storyline? Wow DC, we get to have our cake and eat it too!


New York Comic Con!

October 20, 2010

NYCC was crazy! Javits seems to be a fairly large convention center, but everywhere you turned there was something else shoved into this corner or crammed over there. So much to do and see!

Let me tell you about the adventures of Han and NYCC. I attended only on Friday and Sunday. It was a rough weekend: my LSAT was on Saturday. (cross your fingers for me >o<) So in between con-madness, I took a five hour test that will determine the course of my future. YUP SOUNDS LIKE PAR FOR THE COURSE.
Anyway! On Friday, I arrived early to pick up my con badge. I got an idea of the layout and to catch up with some friends who were selling on the floor. Overall, the con was kind of a bumblemess. I am not sure if the construction had anything to do with it, but it was super confusing to get around with the various steps and ways to get from Point A to Point B, and security would flip out whenever I tried to go through certain entrances since I had a Press badge. That was just weird. 😐

The NYCC stuff was huge, and took up a majority of the center. By extention, NYAF was kind of shuffled off to the side, shunted across the con as far from the Comic stuff as possible. Which kind of makes sense…I doubt the comic people wanted to be around the super desu crowd. But the dealer’s room had only two rows of anime related booths: all of which were at the OPPOSITE side of the building from the NYAF set up! That was just strange. I think it would have been stronger to have let the NYAF room have its own dealer’s room within itself. Actually, speaking of the NYAF room…I realize that Maid Cafe is kind of a “thing,” but having it actually IN the AA room made being there really aggravating. I do not like Maid Cafe, and it was loud, obnoxious and inescapable throughout the whole room. Very bad news bears. I hope they change that for next year. However, I do have to give both organizations props for combining the two. That was a tough feat to accomplish, and attendees did not kill one another. Impressive. 😉

Near the end of the day Friday, I heard rumors that Saturday sold out. Kind of glad I wasn’t there, since I heard you would be lucky if you could breathe.

On Sunday, I made it in kind of late in the day. Got dropped off, ran right into the AA room to find people I was looking for on Friday. It was SUPER crowded on Sunday though, so it was a little tough to get around. Met up with some of my friends, and finally found my buddy Iggy who gallivanted with me for a little while.

There were some people I wanted to meet and find, but it was really tough to get around. The maps and artist lists were misleading and confusing. For instance, say you would be standing at the (south) end of a row, looking at a map. You would be looking North, UP the aisle. The map would be oriented upside down, so you would think you were looking at a particular booth, but that booth was really behind you. Many of the booth numbers were either wrong or changed at the last minute. It was really hard to figure out.

I ended up not making any purchases at this con. The only thing I even remotely wanted was an onigiri pillow that looked like a panda, and I simply couldn’t justify it.

On the one hand, this was a poor con for swag. However, on the other hand, it was a GREAT con for media, pop culture and a look forward at things that are to be released over the next year. Definitely an awesome taste of what is to come. However, it would be more beneficial for the con to be a little more organized in terms of getting people around, directing the traffic flow and having a decent place to sit down. Making a list and a schedule of events you want to attend or people you want to meet would be incredibly beneficial for this con in the future. Be prepared for a wild ride, but it is totally worth it.


New York Comic Con 2010 Picturesssss

October 11, 2010

Pictures by Pat: