In defense of the stealth convention photographer…

I’ve been reading many anime forums lately, where people are discussing perverts and stealth photographers. Apparently, they are one in the same.

The photographer I use does stealth photography. He doesn’t do it to be creepy. He doesn’t want to bang you or do anything else dirty to you. He’s not even thinking that way of you when he takes a stealth photo. He really just sees you (the cosplayer) in a certain light, doing something mundane, but finds beauty in it. Again, I assure you, he doesn’t want to sleep with you, just take my expert word on that. In fact, I’m willing to bet many guys (and girls) who take stealth photographs see something beautiful before them, and simply want to capture that moment. You might be the most convincing model in the world, but nothing will ever replace an honest to goodness real feeling;

See that? He didn’t ask her to pose. She was probably day dreaming, and frankly, this is a lovely picture. Do you see anything misleading about it? Probably not, because it’s not there.

Of course, maybe I’m lucky. Most of the photographers I know who are stealth ones, tend to not take pictures of people eating, talking on phones, or looking generally stupid. They only want to capture something beautiful. So please, before you go off about how people aren’t “real” photographers unless they ask for a picture, think again. I don’t think anyone working for Life or Time asks people to stop and pose as they run away from fire or whatever.




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