Green Lantern movie review

I saw Green Lantern today and here’s my review:
They give you the origins of the GLC at the beginning of the movie (which is great for those that are new to the series)
I and other comic book fans were afraid that Ryan Reynolds would ruin the movie,but in fact he actually makes the movie more fun and enjoyable to watch.
He does a good job playing Hal Jordan.
Mark Strong as Sinestro was great even though he doesn’t appear a lot in the movie.
Blake Lively as Carol Ferris was a mix bag.
She’s either good in one scene but awful in another.
If she wants to be a villan in the next movie,she’s going to have to improve her acting.
The Origin of Parallax I found interesting and well done (even though they changed it from the comics)
The much talked about CGI was too a mix bag:
In some scenes it looks great but fake in another.
The CGI suit looks good,but still looks weird.
The story was ok,not groundbreaking.
I really wish they added more screen time of Sinestro and the other GLC members.
Overall I still enjoyed watching it.
I give it 3 out of 5.
It has potential to be a great movie franchise for WB and DC,but they need to make improvements.
They need to get better writers and they need to work on the CGI.
You have to stay after the post-credits:
I can’t tell what it is,but It looks awesome 🙂




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