Soul Eater Om Nom

Soul Eater, a newish anime series to come out of Japan, has been running on Netflix Insta-Que. I love the Insta-Que because I can watch so much crap without waiting for a DVD to show up. And no, I don’t download stuff either.

To keep it simple, Death is trying to maintain peace and order in the world from zombie demon things who are eating human souls. Death has a special school where they train kids to be fighters. Maka, is one of those fighters. She works with a weapon called Soul, who is fighting these zombie demon things. If he eats 99 of these bad souls, and one witch soul (meaning 100 in total) he will become a super weapon for death to use. In the first episode they come close, but the “witch” they were hunting was really a cat with magic powers.

The other characters, Black Star and Death The Kid (as well as their respective weapons) are enjoyable. Black Star reminds of Naruto, only more obnoxious. Death The Kid (Death’s son) is pretty funny, and slightly OCD. They’re all not one-dimensional either, as they do grow and progress through the series. However, they are pretty typical characters for an anime. They’re all trying to find themselves, and in the long run they just might.

The animation is what I really want to talk about. It’s pretty awesome. It’s a wonderful blend of 2D and 3D, and they work together very well. The show, despite how morbid it is, is surprisingly colorful and a nice feast for the eyes. It’s no Princess Mononoke, but it’s still good.




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