The Ugly Truth

At long last, the newest Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book is out. I picked it up at my local Costco and read it within a half hour. My first impression, not as funny as the others. It still had its moments, but the real heart of the book is that the reader can relate to this. Greg is at that age where kids around him are starting to hit puberty. However, Greg himself has yet to hit it (both his mom and dad were late as well, so no biggie). He is also dealing with new responsibilities, a boy-girl sleepover at school, and dealing with not having Riley as his best friend, over something that happened during the summer break.

Greg really hasn’t changed that much. He’s still a bit of an asshole to everyone, but he is obviously growing up. One scene in particular stood out, because it happened to me, and to everyone else who was in middle/high school the last 10 years. I had to go through sex ed around 7th grade (and again at 10th). The boys and girls had to be in different classes. Now, granted the boys and girls essentially learned about the same thing, but you know, boys learned about what they go through, and girls got to watch a video of a woman giving birth (which solidified in my then 12-year-old mind that I would be adopting my kids). We also learned about the boring stuff, such as chromosomes and that. Much like Greg, there were no “good” parts, and I felt bad for the three kids that couldn’t take the class.

But enough about me! The book is still great, and again, this is a wonderful series for any kid to read, especially those kids who don’t like to read. Also, the movie is out on DVD, as well as a few new board games to go along with the series! I’m really glad this series is as popular as it is. Maybe there is hope for our youth after all.




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