Perfect for the girl in your life.

Or guy, whichever.

nOir Jewelry has released a line of DC comics inspired stuff; rings, earings, and more. The items are really pretty (or downright stunning, like the Gotham City ring) are pretty reasonable. My favorite (which was oh so hard to do!) has to be this ring here: Not only does it match my car (black) it also matches the tattoo on my shoulder (Batman).

Seriously, perfection.

If nOir is still out of your price range, never fear! Hot Topic is here. Some of the items are pretty neat (oooh! A Spider-Man bathroom rug!), but if your lady (or guy) has an eye for the bling, getting them a plush Iron Man may seem silly. But it is the thought that counts, right?




One Response to “Perfect for the girl in your life.”

  1. LadyTerentia Says:

    I must say, I like that hottopic has a Nightwing shirt. I’ll admit it, I used to have a major crush on Robin and then Nightwing.
    This though:
    Freakin adorable chibi plushies! The superman one even has the superman curl!

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