2010 Resolutions

As is the case at the end of every year, I seem to be hearing and seeing a lot about new year resolutions, and new decade resolutions. I haven’t really done any in many years (since they made us do them in school) but I was heard someone say something along the lines of the fresh start that comes with a new year, and I figured, why not?

Non-comic related stuff:
– Kick academic ASS when I go to Turkey
– Get a job working with animals (Groomers, yes?)
– Kill the LSATs and get into a bangin’ law school

Comic related stuff:
– Work on my Harley Quinn run
– Pick up more of the Gotham City Sirens
– Work on a portfolio of my costumes including fabric swatches & photographs
– Make a Ranma 1/2 costume
– Minor fix-ups on Harley Quinn’s costume

Hm, I really have too many comic-related priorities in my life, don’t I?




One Response to “2010 Resolutions”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I loved Ranma 1/2 back in the day!

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