Silly things comic dealers should be aware of.

Since I’m in a particularly raunchy mood, I thought I would share with you my big pet peeves when it comes to comic book dealers. Now, this isn’t aimed at any one dealer. There are good dealers, there’s bad dealers, and there’s everything in between. But as we all know, the bad ones are the ones we remember, and the ones who also make for great entertainment when one is shooting the shit with one’s social group.

-If you are a well-known, recognizable comic book vendor/dealer, the people you have working for you should know how to spot restoration and should then inform the buyer that said comic is restored.
-Never assume a customer is going to buy all of the books you just got graded “for them”. Especially when the customer never asked for those books nor asked for them to be graded.
-It’s never a good idea to laugh at a customer and then tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about when asking for a certain title and number, especially if it’s a key book.
-Being polite will get you my money faster than being a douche.
-Customers ask hundreds of questions. If you really want to gain their trust, you should answer the questions, even if it’s the same one asked a zillion different ways. Getting short with them and telling them to fuck off is a terrible idea.
-It’s never a good idea to make fun of someone’s taste in comics when they’re buying the books from you.

While a lot of the list seem’s to repeat itself, I think a point needs to be made: Being rude will lose you money. Being an asshole will lose you money. Not being able to spot color touch or married covers will cause the customer–who gives you their money so you can have a means to live–to not want to buy from you because they can’t trust you. I simply don’t get how many dealers can be assholes when they work in a customer service enviroment, especially retail.

The real crime, of course, is how people still go back to such moronic dealers time and time again. Grow a pair, people!




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