Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut

Yesterday afternoon, at around 430pm-ish, I began to watch the 20 hour movie known as Watchmen: Ultimate Cut. This movie is longer then the directors cut since it has Tales Of The Black Freighter woven into it, along with some extra scenes not seen in the directors cut version. HOWEVER, Tales adds nothing to the film, in fact it just gets in the way and is generally really annoying to sit through. The animation is crappy, and it honestly added nothing to the already too long and really drab movie. I fell asleep during the movie, and I still had to turn it off for the night because I wasn’t even halfway through the fucking movie. It’s just too long. This isn’t Gone With The Wind, people. This movie is pretty terrible, although it’s a treat to look at, especially in Blu Ray. 

The nice thing about the DVD is that it includes the motion comic, which is actually pretty decent. But if you really want to experience Watchmen at it’s best, just read the damn graphic novel.




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