Green Lantern #76 in CGC 9.6 recently sold for $38,000

Now, I’m 23 years old. I’m horribly irresponsible with my money, and lord knows I spend it on crap. BUT, spending $38k on a comic book, that isn’t an Action 1 or Detective 27 (or even a Pep 22 and whatever else GA key book) seems ridiculously irresponsible. How much disposable income can a human really have in justifying that specific comic book for $38k?

I too own a Green Lantern #76. My copy is a CGC 7.5. I paid $170 for it. Thats right kids, I may have just spent $170 on a comic book which is a big waste of money no matter how you look at it, but then again I can resell it right now for more then what I paid for. I didn’t go out and spend $38k on the same book, a mere few grades higher. For what it’s worth, here’s a list of items you could buy for $38k instead of a comic book:

A 2010 Mercedes G Class:
You could use the money on college.
You could buy a brand new wardrobe from Nordstrom.
Groceries. For a few years.
You could also pay rent. For a few years.

I mean, if you gave me $38k and told me to pick between a GL #76 or a MB G Class, I would take the car. While the car will depreciate in value, it can at least do much more than a comic book can. Such as take me to places. And get through bad weather. And warm my ass with its heated seats. Can a GL #76 warm my ass? Maybe if I threw it into a fire, but other wise, no.




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