Rest of the New 52 for 9-7-11

Green Arrow:  I’ve become a fan of Krul’s writing for the past year and honestly, it’s pretty good.  As an old fan though, I just can’t get over this younger looking Ollie.  Ollie has never been young for me.  When I saw him in Smallville I was immediately going ‘HE’S TOO YOUNG AND WHERE IS HIS GOATEE?!’

Static Shock:  I was hoping to be pulled in with this title but I wasn’t.  But I think I’m the only one that wasn’t.  Vergil is a science geek in here and it is adorable.  Alot of other people liked this and I’m glad they were able to like it.

Batwing:  I had huge skepticism about this title.  But it was pretty good.  Winick captured the setting really well and it was very interesting.  Batwing (I forget his civilian name derp) reminds me alot of Dick.  I wish we saw more of him and Bruce’s relationship but I’m sure we will see it later.  I know we saw how it formed in Batman Inc. but for a new reader, they will probably wonder why Batman decided to expand.

Hawk & Dove:  It was written really well for me.  But I think very few people care about this book.  I’ve been wanting a book for them since Brightest Day.  Only downfall is the drawings because its Liefeld and anatomy doesn’t exist.  I was worried this was gonna fail (at least to me) but I really liked this issue.  Oh also, the person who did the colors for this had alot of inconsistencies.  I don’t know why though.  If Hank’s costume is gray, it should be gray.  In one panel it was like completely black with red.  What the fuck?

Batgirl:  I tried to go into this with an open mind and I have to say I do like this issue.  In the beginning though I was unsure of Babs’ inner monologue cause to me I was like ‘wow…that is a bit different from how I’ve known her for the past couple years’.  But the rest of the issue Babs felt very much like the character I knew.  Honestly, I liked it.  I look forward to the rest of it.

Even though this reboot raises A MILLION questions for me as an old fan, I try to keep these reviews based on the writing and sometimes the art.  I rarely point out art unless its so bad that it really bothers me.  And pretty much everyone on these books does good work.


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