New 52

Okay, I’m not going into an in-depth review.  I am not reading Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Men of War or O.M.A.C.


Justice League 1:  As Lauren stated, its not worth it.  It is a set up issue and very anti-climatic after all this hype over the ~*NEW 52*~  And the fact that all these new number ones will be sold in a graphic novel later, you might as well save your money.

Action Comics 1:  Morrison has stated he is returning to a Golden Age Superman.  Golden Age Superman is more of a cocky jerk than he is in Modern Age.  I personally don’t like him like that so I did not like Action Comics 1.

Detective Comics 1:  I hate Tony Daniel’s writing.  Plot isn’t bad but I just do not like his writing style.  This issue was more interesting than JL1 though.

Justice League International:  EVEN THOUGH I HATE THAT PANEL WHERE IT WAS A SHOT AT THE FANS…AND EVEN THOUGH I’M SO UPSET THAT BOOSTER AND TED WERE NEVER FRIENDS…I can’t lie.  This issue was decent.  The second best out of the batch I just read.

Stormwatch:  The best new number 1 I’ve read so far.  This is the only one I could see me buying monthly.  But then again I’m really not wanting to support DC in anyway right now.

Tomorrow, I will try to review Batgirl, Hawk & Dove, Batwing, Static Shock, and Green Arrow.


I’ve been pretty light on updating here about my opinions of DC but there are alot of opinions I have.



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