Audiences should suspend disbelief again

I know I promised my thoughts on J. Michael Strazynski, but I’m actually more interested in talking about how we suspend disbelief for movies and comics and shows.  I think alot of people have gone into watching and reading something and expecting it to make perfect sense and should fit into our reality.  I find I can enjoy things alot more if I suspend my disbelief for the time being.  We look at these movies and shows, and read books as an escape from our reality.

This is my short blurb, so I’ll get off my soapbox.

Adding to Lauren’s Tron: Legacy post, I completely agree with her.  Also want to say that any of the people that are complaining about Tron: Legacy, you should go back and watch the first one.  It wasn’t perfect either.  But it received alot of praise cause of the special effects.  I enjoyed both movies though.  Wish the first movie had a more in-depth story.  The sequel was a good follow-up to that story.  Making a sequel to a story that didn’t have much depth in the beginning is not going to appeal to new audiences.  I think if you enjoyed the first Tron, you will enjoy the second.



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