Someone in the Archie-verse dies.

Have you heard the news? Much like the title says, one of Riverdale’s most enduring characters is actually going to die, in ‘Life With Archie’ #6. That character being Ms. Grundy, the teacher who has been around since the dawn of time itself (or what seems like). Ms. Grundy, as the story will explain, had cancer, and died. While I would lament and go on about how sad I am, I am very much so under the impression this will not effect the regular titles at all. After all, Life With Archie is about what happens after Archie marries Betty/Veronica. And as we all know, every other title is about the gang in high school.

I am very proud of the direction Archie has taken. From getting married, having kids, having a new gay student, and finally being put in adult situations. However, I’m a little put off with killing a character. Yes yes, death is a part of life and Archie should not ignore it, but I feel like some of my childhood is being punched in the face*. Plus, with all of the mass media publicity the comic has been getting, it just doesn’t seem “special”. Maybe Grundy should have died 3 years from now, and not after an amazing year of gay kids, weddings, and having Obama and Palin in a comic. It seems unfair to Ms. Grundy. (Or on the flip side, this is one helluva way to end a great year.)


*I hate being punched anywhere, especially in the face.



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