TRON, beeyotch.

Yesterday afternoon, I went and saw TRON: Legacy. I thought I was seeing the movie in 2D, but lo and behold, I got the 3D version (ticket prices here are pretty much the same, and 3D gives me a headache). While I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to sit through another 3D movie (Avatar was enough!), I still went.

The plot is pretty basic. Sam Flynn finds out his father might still be alive, so he goes into the world of the computer in order to save him. Some stuff happens, he see’s his father after something like 15 years or whatever, and all is good. Until he has to get his dad home. If you’re really looking for a good plot with good dialogue, this is not the movie for you. Much like Transformers, I am confused by the people who are upset that this movie had a lack luster story. You don’t see this movie for the story. You see it for the visuals. Of course you say that to any fanboy/fangirl, and they get their panties in a twist. And to that I say, untwist them and get over it. The first TRON, not that great. In fact, I fell asleep through it.

This movie is a feast for the eyes. The 3D is done superbly, and frankly almost the whole cast is really good-looking. At times it did have really sweet moments, but all in all, I didn’t care. The movie could have just had the music as the sound and it would have been heaven for me. The music, all by Daft Punk, is great. It pays homage to the original soundtrack, but still manages to be current and frankly, really awesome.

The other thing I really, REALLY like, was the character Quorra. Played by Olivia Wilde, Quorra is one bad ass motherfucker. She saves Sam a bunch of times, and can really handle herself. She is a great strong female protagonist. Perhaps the movie should have been about her. I would have enjoyed it more.

So go out, see TRON: Legacy, and leave all of your fangirl/boy notions at the door. They are not welcome here.




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