The good, and the bad, of 2010.

Oh my God. New Years Eve is here, and with that, comes a new year! Like you already didn’t know! Ok, let’s get on with the show:

The Good:

-Tron: Legacy in IMAX 3D. And fuck you if you didn’t like it.
-Kevin Keller, the gay guy in the Archie universe. It’s about time Archie got more color in there!
-Kick Ass was fucking amazing. I’ve never had so much fun in a theater before. EVER.
-Batman came back! Yaaaay!
-The Brightest Day spin-offs. Flash! Birds of Prey! Yes I’m so happy!!

The Bad:

-Iron Man 2: While the movie did have it’s highlights, over all I was let down by the sequal which seemed to have been rushed out.
-What seems like a million Batman titles: No human being who still reads modern comics should be subjected to this crap. And it’s not just Batman; Deadpool, for example, also has a million titles. It’s expensive, the stories seem to be hot or miss (usually miss), and again, expensive.
-Jonah Hex: I almost forgot this movie came out this year. That’s how bad it was.
-The Transformers 3 teaser: While I like it, even I can honestly say that it looks terrible and jeebus they are on the fucking moon.
-The Brightest Day main title:  Such a pain in the ass to read every two weeks. While some of it was good, the majority of it made me want to rip my eyes and lungs out and beat them against a wall. This came out waaaaay too soon. Should have been held off for a little while longer.


*I wrote this a week ago, while still in 2010, but never posted it. My bad.



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