Batman/Superman: Finest Worlds

Last week at the library I picked up Batman/Superman: Finest Worlds. I began reading it as soon as I arrived home, and finished it last night. Overall it was an enjoyable book, with the main “plot” of the book revolving around Batman taking on Superman’s powers. I say “plot” because the first half of the book has little to do with Super Bat. The first chapter is about how Bruce and Clark’s fathers met before they were born. The next was about mini childlike versions of the entire JLA being thrown into the “real” world where people get hurt and die. The final chapters are about Super Bat. Each section is enjoyable in itself, but there’s no real flow between the stories, other than Superman and Batman’s relationship. It’s cheesy, to be honest, how they regard themselves as brothers.

Yet the two won’t admit their brotherly love for one another. They are too manly or too scared to admit it, which causes some decent conflict, but as always the boy scout Superman just shrugs Batman’s mood swings off as “just being himself.” Their profound understanding of each other rivals that of Kirk and Spock, yet I don’t find the friendship as endearing or even as real, or as real as two fictional characters can be. Still, it was a good read, with some fantastic art.




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