Joker’s Asylum 2: Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter is my least favorite bad guy in the Batman universe. He doesn’t strike fear in my heart, nor does he make me feel any kind of real emotion for him. However, the other two JA comics I’ve read have been good, so surely this one will be good as well! And of course, it was. The Hatter is a lonely little man obsessed with finding his Alice. He believes he found her–a clerk at a food store–but when he finds out her name is not Alice, he plots to kill her because she “lied” to him. The Hatter is an interesting character, one because I know little about him, and two the Mad Hatter in the legit Alice in Wonderland is crazy. This guy is not only crazy, but he’ll kill you too.

Overall a good comic, but I still have little to no interest in the hatter.




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