Joker’s Asylum 2: The Riddler

Aw Eddy! Edward Nigma gets his own one shot in this comic, with Peter Calloway as the writer and Andres Guinaldo as the artist. We are treated to a rather special story, with a side of Edward Nigma we rarely see. The side where he is in love. Nigma is first seen stealing fine art, when a young lady demands to know what he’s doing. I guess this girl hadn’t been living in Gotham or from under a rock for very long, since I would get the idea quickly if I saw The Riddler taking stuff.

So, he falls in love with her. He goes through anguish and torment as she rejects him over and over. Finally. Nigma gets what he wants, but when he finds out it is not what he thought it would be, the girl suffers as a result. The story is very easy to read, and while it is not  a great introduction to Riddler, it is still an exceptional one shot. If you’ve never read a Batman comic or only know of the Riddler from that one terrible movie with Bat Nipples, that is a-ok too. You’ll still have fun with this comic.




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