Joker’s Asylum 2: Harley Quinn

This one shot comic, with writer James Patrick and Joe Quinones as the artist, focuses on the Joker’s sometimes girlfriend, Harley Quinn. The story opens up with Harley breaking out of Arkham to visit the Joker on Valentine’s Day. After breaking out and back to their old hide out, Harley finds out that all is now well with her world. Spider informs her that the Joker has been kidnapped, and she becomes royally pissed that someone would kidnap him on Valentine’s Day. Harley sets out determined to get the Joker back and to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly. After many guns, some blood, and explosions, she gets what she wants, but not exactly in an ideal setting.

The comic is pretty funny too. In one of the panels, a cop tells her to surrender. She yells back at him telling him to surrender. The story is cute and fun, and a great quick read. These one shots are a great way to be introduced to a character, or are a great addition for any fan of a character. The first Joker’s Asylum comics were great, and so far the ones I’ve read have been just dandy.




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