True Blood; The Comic

Can’t get enough True Blood? Well you’re in luck. Starting next month there will be a six issue True Blood mini series, being released by IDW. The comic will debut at San Diego Comic Con 2010. I personally am excited to read the continued struggle of how many times Sookie can scream “BEEEEEEEL” while Bill in turn struggles with sayings such as “WE CAN NAWT BEH TOGETHA SUCKEH FOHR I AHM A VAHMPAHR.” Maybe Tara will off herself too, because she annoys the hell out of me.  Maybe Eric will be naked through much of the comic. Maybe Sam will figure out this shit is whack and leave town for something less stupid.

In other exciting comic book news, Mulder and Scully will be in 30 Days of Night! Yay! I love me some Mulder and Scully. I just wish the last movie didn’t stink. 😦




One Response to “True Blood; The Comic”

  1. Marcy Says:

    God, I hate Tara. So much.

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