DC launches digital publishing.

Starting today, you can now get a DCU app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Playstation Portable will also be able to get DCU digital. DC is one of many who are now embracing the digital age, leaving a giant question mark over good old-fashioned comic book publishing. With other media outlets such as newspapers going kaput, will hand-held comic books be a thing of the past within the next year? I always think there will be a need for comic books. I personally do not own a PSP, iPhone, iPad, nor an iPod Touch. I do however own a Blackberry, but I very highly doubt I would want to read a comic on a screen that small. That seem’s silly.

John Rood, Executive VP of DC Entertainment said, “Today’s launch provides an additional opportunity to convert new readers and recapture lapsed readers while serving existing fans,” while I understand where he is coming from with new readers, this does not serve me at all, as an existing reader. It also won’t serve my 60-year-old father, who has been reading comics his whole life.

Whatever the future may hold, I hope no comic book publisher gets rid of the old-fashioned comic book.




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