Comic books and kids

Honestly, if children never get exposed, or gain an interest in comic books, this hobby will die. I happily give out comics to kids I know (their parents are usually co-workers of mine) just to get them interested. Some parents are against their children reading comics. To them I propose this:

Chances are you have a young child who does not want to read traditional books. They are boring, no pictures, ect. However, they do want to read comic books. Don’t stop them. They are still reading. While some comics are truly not meant for kids, there are LOADS of kid friendly books–Archie, Tiny Titans, Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Shazam, Sonic, Owly, and more. If it gets a kid to read, I don’t see the problem. And be pro-active in what your child reads. Do not just hand them a stack of Batman books and say “Good luck.” Read them as well. When I was a kid, my reading level was 3-4 grades ahead because I read comic books very actively. Even my dad read the books with me. I still catch him flipping through a Jughead every now and again!

To those of you who are totally for your kids reading comics, bravo! Keep up the good work!




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