Why do women like comics?

On Sunday I was being interviewed at the D.C. Comic Con. One of the questions the guy asked me was why women like comics. It took me by surprise. My love of comics is as natural as breathing or sleeping. I’ve been surrounded by comics my whole life, starting with Batman. I would say it was genetically programmed in me, but I was adopted. I stumbled around for an answer, and came up with zilch. I don’t know why women like comics. I know why I like comics books, but I don’t want to speak for every woman out there. My reasons are pretty simple; I grew up with them, and I can’t imagine not having them in my life.

Growing up with a character might also be the key. I’ll always love Batman and Archie because I grew up with them. Superman I have no attachment too; Aquaman can die in a fire. But Jughead Jones will always have a special place in my heart. I’ll admit I also have his crown tattooed on me, and I also have the Batman logo on my shoulder. My love of comics might run a little obsessive, I guess.

But still, why does anyone like comics? Saying I like them for the art, for the story, seems like a no brainer. It’s so much more. My dad loved comics as a kid and still loves comics as an adult. I share this hobby with him. And whenever he leaves this planet, I’ll still have all of the fond memories we made together, and all of the comics. It sounds remarkably cheesy, but it’s all I can come up with.

So ladies, why do you like comic books?




2 Responses to “Why do women like comics?”

  1. John E. Williams Says:

    Lauren, are you familiar with Sequential Tarts?


    You should submit some articles!

  2. John E. Williams Says:

    oops, no “S” at the end.


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