I saw Iron Man 2

But first, a story from my life.

I went to eat dinner before the movie at California Pizza Kitchen. While I was in the bathroom, I had the misfortune of my eyes staring at these girls God ugly cowboy boots. Of course the girl got in my face for “staring at her ass”. In the nicest way I could muster I laughed and said “You don’t have much of an ass to look at. By the way, we’re not in Texas.” She left in a huff, and my life went on. I know a comic nerd usually doesn’t give out fashion advice, but seeing as how I care for my fellow man, I feel that I can tell you that cowboy boots are fucking stupid. Unless you are riding a horse or are in Texas, do not wear them. I will find you. I will humiliate you.

Moving on.


Iron Man 2!! It was long, it was kind of confusing. The main plot is that Tony needs a new material to keep his arc reactor going, or else he’s going to die. The palladium inside of his arc reactor is slowing poisoning him. I think they tried to touch on his alcoholism, but it fell on its face. Don Cheadle as Rhodes works better.  ScarJo wasn’t half bad, and I really enjoyed watching her kick ass. Ivan as Whiplash kind of felt out of places, or vastly under used. Justin Hammer was the main villain, but other than an almost school yard rivalry with Stark, he too seems just useless. The romance between Stark and Pepper was amped up, and I was really happy with the out come. RDJ again, brilliant as Stark. I really think Favreau hit the nail on the head with getting him as Iron Man.

Again, the plot. I don’t really know what was going on. It was like a rough draft. The movie was heading in a lot of right directions, but I think they needed to be more clear. The action scenes were terrific. The use of Captain America’s shield was amazing. AND SIT THROUGH THE CREDITS. I cheered with nerdy joy. You will too.

Overall, I give this a solid B. I will see this movie again, hopefully in IMAX!




One Response to “I saw Iron Man 2”

  1. Kevin76 Says:

    First, I liked your cowboy boots story and your right about..If you live in Texas,you get a pass,If your a cowboy/Cowgirl..you also get a pass. But as Fashion goes…it simply doesn’t work on most people. Musicians like Bruce Springsteen wears them,but he can get away with it. 99% of the rest of the population cannot. Anyhow, As for Iron Man 2, I liked it, RDJ really does carry this movie. I give it 3 stars. I missed the Thor scene at the very end,But I heard about it. I’m pretty excited to see Thor finally being made. Between Thor,The Avengers,Batman 3,New Spider-man,Captain America all being made…I feel like my head is gonna explode with all this awesomeness.

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