Torchwood is amazing

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I’m late to the party. Ever since I finally got my Xbox live working, along with my Netflix, I’ve been hooked on Torchwood. I’m done season one, and I’m very impressed. While the acting is a bit over the top (oh well), the series is just great. I’ve never seen a single episode of Dr. Who (yet I am familiar with the series), but my lack of Who viewing does not impact my Torchwood viewing. That is what makes a great show amazing. While I know there will be some over lapping, it is not much and it’s pretty self explanatory. I find myself engrossed in Gwen and Captain Jack, and I find them both very endearing. Gwen’s humanity is nicely contrasted against Jack’s fading humanity.

Also, God bless you Xbox. I rarely play video games, but I love having Netflix instantly pop up on my T.V.




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