Christopher Nolan and Superman

Rumor has it across the internet that Nolan will have a heavy hand in the next Superman movie. This excites me a great deal. Nolan more or less brought the Batman franchise back from the dead and made it *amazing*. I know I’m a total fangirl for Batman, but even Nolan’s other movies are just as good. He is a great director. The last Superman movie was pretty dull and lifeless, although I thought the cast was great. Superman himself can be either a brilliant character, or totally boring and too boy scout-ish. I do not think Nolan will take the boy scout route, and maybe he’ll take a page from Smallville and make Superman not to super, and more human.

Some people may think he will make Superman dark and gritty. I personally do not think so. He is a man with range, people! He also has Goyer, the main screenwriter for the first two (and next) Batman films, working with him. I believe this will be a true dynamic duo and I have all of the faith in the world they can make a great Superman movie, and I believe they can do it right. For so long I felt that Marvel movies have been dominating the comic book movie world. Hopefully with this Superman (and upcoming Green Lantern movie) DC will do just as well, maybe even better.




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