Green Lantern: The Movie

I have to say, I’m excited for the upcoming GL movie. The cast for the most part seems promising; Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and Mark Strong as Sinestro (he was in Sherlock Holmes. He looks like Sinestro!) is brilliant. Even more so, the director is a solid guy. Martin Campbell did one of the best Bond movies to date, Casino Royal. That movie made me not ashamed to admit my love of 007, because it was fan-fucking-tastic. Plus, Daniel Craig is sex. I’m also really excited for the next Bond movie.

While I still have my doubts about doing a movie about a second tier (or, not as important IMO) superhero, I still have a lot of hope for it. Iron Man, another second tier character (IMO) was amazing and did exceedingly well in the box office. At least until TDK came out and jizzed on everyone’s movie.




One Response to “Green Lantern: The Movie”

  1. falcone74 Says:

    I am so freaking geeked out for this movie. Also gotta look at other people involved in this movie. Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond and also Tim Robbins in a bit role as Hammond’s father! I also think Ryan Reynolds is a very underrated actor who will do a great job as Hal. Also some of the people involved behind the scenes have an amazing track record and some even won oscars for their work. And not so sure we can call GL second tier after Geoff Johns’ run so far. Either way sooooo excited for the movie.

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