The City of Ember

So lets say you have a kid who doesn’t like to read. Maybe they’ve read Diary of A Wimpy Kid and liked that a lot. Why not try The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau! It’s a four book series, without pictures. While it might seem daunting to most kids at first, it’s a very easy to read book, with a well written plot and two amazing protagonists, Lina and Doon. Lina and her sister live with their grandmother (who soon dies in the first book), while Doon lives with his Dad. The two were once friends when they were younger, but are merely civil to each other at first.

They live in an underground city that’s about to “die”. 200 Years before Lina and Doon, humans fled to the underground city after a terrible war. A generator was built to last only 200 years, plenty of time for humans to find their way back up to the surface. This doesn’t happen, and as such, the generator is falling apart. Lina believes there is a way she can save everyone, and Doon soon believes her as well. I won’t give much else away, but believe me, it’s good.

The only book I didn’t like of this series is the third book, a prequel. It was boring, and frankly I wasn’t invested in the main character like I was Lina and Doon. It was frankly boring. The movie, which was released in 2008, it what drew me into the books. I got the movie by accident from Netflix, and I frankly enjoyed it. However, this would be an excellent way to get children interested in the series. Seek out the movie at Best Buy or Netflix, and have your kid(s) watch it. If they want to know what happens, get them the book. It’s a pretty flawless plan, if you ask me.




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