Do you get excited over new comics?

A topic recently came up on a message board I visit. It was asking if people got excited over new comics they won from Heritage, Comic Link, ect. I thought about this long and hard, since I do love comics, but I came to a somewhat startling discovery. There has only been one book I’ve ever been honest to God excited about winning, and then getting. I won’t tell you what book it is (some of you may know, but it’s really none of your fucking business), but it was a life long goal of mine to get it. I know I’m only 23, but I had dreams of owning said book since I was 8. I was an awesome 8 year old. The day it came I delicately took it out of the box and cradled it like a newborn baby. If God were a comic, it would be that one.

The truth is I have a lot of nice comics, but none of them I’m been that over the moon about. Frankly I let most comics just sit in the box for weeks on end until I get tired of looking at a brown box. I love them, to be sure, but for all I know they could all disappear tomorrow. It would be terrible, but I wouldn’t feel as bad since I tend to not get emotionally or even materialistically attached to them. It’s still, just a comic. Even though I buy expensive books, I still think it’s silly.

So, what do you guys think?




One Response to “Do you get excited over new comics?”

  1. Kevin76 Says:

    Comics are in your blood and will always will be,as they are with me,with or without them sitting in a box.

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