Hey comic book fans, get over it.

As a fellow nerd, I have no problems telling you guys to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down on certain topics. Topics such as PGX grading, and comic book based movies, seem to really heat people up on various comic book forums I visit.


I know, I know. According to you, everyone should just ignore PGX because it’s “a company run from a basement” or something. I honestly have nothing against PGX. I buy PGX graded books for dirt cheap because many, many fans simply don’t trust them. Maybe the grading is off, I don’t know. I have cracked some PGX books out of a slab and sent them to CGC, and the grading has been close. Frankly, I think people need to just get over it. Having competition is healthy in the long run, and every company has to start somewhere. I’m sure all of you who are against PGX were wary of CGC as well. Now, I’m also not telling you to try PGX out, but you should lighten the fuck up. It’s not that big of a deal.

Comic book movies:

Everytime a studio announces they will be releasing a movie of some random comic book character, the nerds come out of the wood-work protesting casting choices, directors, story lines, whatever. BEFORE THE MOVIE IS OUT. Sometimes you can smell a piece of shit before it ever leaves the ass, but sometimes you might be shitting out a fucking golden rose and don’t even know it. The Green Lantern movie is a thing of worry at the moment, since some girl from some popular show is in it. I don’t know who the fuck she is and I don’t care either. She may just be a good actress, and Ryan Reynolds isn’t the worst actor in Hollywood. There isn’t even a trailer out yet and already nerds are flying off the handle because of it.

Sit the fuck down. Take a deep breath. These movies are made for the public. If they made a movie for the fans, by the fans, or whatever the fuck have you, the movie would most likely flop because average Ken and Barbie wouldn’t get all the “in” jokes and probably wouldn’t like it. Majority of my non-comic book friends don’t like comic books, but they like the movies because they are easy to follow (except for that shit fest Watchmen). If movie adaptations make your blood pressure soar, don’t see them. Don’t seek out articles or pictures on them. Just sit the fuck down, grab a cheeseburger, and continue reading your graphic novel. I simply don’t get why you guys and gals get so heated over something so dumb. If you want something to get pissed about that has an impact, get involved in politics.




4 Responses to “Hey comic book fans, get over it.”

  1. maryhuffdesigns Says:

    I once heard rumors reynolds was supposed to be Wally West Flash, which would be an amazing fit. But GL is cool too.

  2. Girls with Comics Says:

    I’m not too into Flash, but I must agree that would be a good fit!


  3. Kevin76 Says:

    Watchmen isn’t a shit fest. People were saying the same thing when Spider-Man was being made,as well as Iron Man and Batman Begins “I think it’s gonna suck” was what I overheard from a dealer talking about the Spider-Man movie before it came out at a Boston convention. This is why there is that “comic book geek” sterotype.,among other reasons.

  4. Girls with Comics Says:

    The difference between me and the typical geek is that I was *really* excited for Watchmen. Visually it’s stunning, but otherwise it was, at best, sub-par.

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