Wizard World Philly 2014

Ah Wizard World. A comic con that isn’t a comic con but really a pop culture con. If you’re only familiar with Wizard shows and truly believe this is what a comic con is, you’re wrong. Please go to Baltimore Comic Con and see what a real comic con looks like.


I only went for Friday this year and it worked out well for me. I went up to meet my favorite DC artist Guillem March. From what I can tell he rarely does American shows, so even if it means going to Wizard World to meet him, I’m there. His line wasn’t long (maybe five or so people) on Friday, which was great for me. I got his autograph and a Batman sketch!

Yet while that’s great for me for personal reasons, low attendance isn’t good for dealers and artists who went to make money. Some people will make out OK simply because of who they are, but I had friend’s there who hadn’t sold a thing in two days. There was some great talent there and good variety both in the artists alley and dealers hall, but almost every person I saw there was in line for autographs or pictures with a celebrity. If I was to set up and sell my wares at a con, I would not pick this show. The other problem this show had was timing. Last week was Special Edition New York. This weekend also had Heroes con, a traditional comic con. So you either went to Special Edition or made the trip to Heroes.

I have no plans to attend the show next year unless they get another artist I absolutely must meet. Wizard World shows are not worth the price of admission or the headache of dealing with crowds of people who only want to meet some B list actor/actress/wrestler.



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