Female Collector

I have a problem with the term “female collector”. I’ve had this problem for a few years but never knew how to articulate my issues with it. There’s so much behind that simple, almost rudimentary phrase. Most people mean nothing by it, after all, what’s the harm in a word? Well for starters, some females don’t identify as a female. I for one also don’t want to be bottled into one category. I am a collector. My gender has 0 to do with what I collect. I know women who only read and collect manga, or indie books, or Batgirl. I know men who do that same thing. I happen to collect Platinum and Golden Age books. Just like men, women too have diverse tastes in everything.

“Why do female’s collect?” or “Why are women drawn to comics”? This question get’s posed to me a lot. Truthfully I don’t know why other women collect as I am not an ambassador for other women. The only person I represent is me. I like comics for the stories, my love for certain characters, and some artists. I collect because I enjoy the thrill of getting into a bidding war over a Batman #1. Why do men like comics? Why do men collect comics? Seems like a silly question when posed that way doesn’t it? Everyone is going to have a different, unique answer. It’s important to celebrate people as unique collectors, not as grouped together by one term.

At the end of the day we are all collectors. I am a collector of Platinum and Golden Age books. You may collect manga. Enjoy what you like, and always ask questions as to why a certain person collects. But to ask broad questions really takes away the identity of the person and why they are unique. 

Happy collecting!





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