Ben Affleck as Batman.

As you all know by now Warner Bros announced that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel.
Then fanboys went crazy and posted hateful stuff at Mr.Affleck and WB.
Hell,they even had a petition to have him removed O_O

What to I have to say about it?
Well,for one I didn’t go crazy about it.
I was more shocked than anything else.
He’s not the worst pick for Batman (that one goes to Clooney 😛 )
Affleck has earned some respect recently for his directing.
Yes,he did DareDevil but that wasn’t his fault for it being god awful (bad writing & direction were the blame)
I don’t really understand why he’s getting this much hate from fanboys.
I mean look at how much hate Ledger & Hathaway got when they were casted as The Joker & Catwoman.
And they turned out pretty good.

I think we all need to wait & see how Affleck will do as Batman before we pass judgement.
He could turned out to a great Batman,but we won’t till we see a trailer of the movie.
I hope he give a great performance as Batman (and prove the haters wrong)




One Response to “Ben Affleck as Batman.”

  1. Sassy Mama Chama Says:

    No, I’ll judge him now. He’s a horrible person, and an even worse Batman. If it was a character called BatDoucheBag, he’d be right for the part, but the whole man part, he ain’t got none of that.

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