Man of Steel movie review (spoiler warning)

I saw Man of Steel on Friday.
So,I wanted to write a review on it.
Is it the best Superman movie? Yes.
Did I enjoy it? Yes.
Is this the Superman movie we’ve been waiting for? Yes and then some.

The movie starts out with Lara-El giving birth to Kal-El.
We soon find out that he’s the first “natural” birth on Krypton in centuries (this twist interest me)
Apparently,Krypton were using a form of Eugenics to create their people (I wish they would of given more info on why they were doing it)
Anyway,Jor-El tells the leaders of Krypton that using the planet core for resources has made the planet unstable and have a week to live.
Then we see Zod and his goons killing everyone.
Jor-El escapes and returns to his home to send his son to Earth (their sun is still young,so Kal-El can survive on Earth)
Zod gets there,but it’s too late in stopping the rocket,he then fights and kills Jor-El.
He and his goons are send to the Phantom Zone for their crimes.

We then jump 33 years after on Earth to see Clark working on a number of jobs (crab fisherman is were he starts off)
I could go on for hours writing this review,but I want everyone to watch it themselves.

The casting is pretty much spot-on.
Cavill as Superman is awesome.
Amy Adams as Lois Lane is good (I’m one of the few that likes Ms.Lane as a redhead,I think it adds to fiery personally)
Michael Shannon as General Zod is pretty badass.
The 2 performances I thought were great are Costner & Crowe as Jonathan Kent & Jor-El.
They’ve helped Clark to understand his powers and how when the world see him,the world will change forever.
I was surprised how much screen time Jor-El got in this film (45 mins total)
Seeing Jonathan Kent die was heartbreaking,but he knew that Clark wasn’t ready to be seen yet (which is why he didn’t want him to save him)

The idea of Superman being a Christ-like figure makes sense to me.
Superman was created to give kids someone to look up to.
And when you look at Superman,he is someone we as humans can look up to for what he stands for good.

The one scene that will get fans upset is at the end were Superman has to kill Zod to save a human family.
We all know that Superman doesn’t kill,but in a situation that he was in what would have he done?
Also,by killing Zod Superman is the last Kryptonian,and Earth his new home.
Knowing what he did,he’s angry and in pain for his actions knowing he’s the last of his kind.

The SFX were awesome(Superman finally gets to punch some bad guys)
The flashback scenes were pretty good (it gave us a idea on how Clark was dealing with his powers)

Overall this the best Superman movie to date.
The one problem I had with the movie is they didn’t explain why Krypton were using Engenics to create their people.

4 out of 5
It’s a must see movie (screw the critics)
I loved it,and I’m a Marvel Comics fan girl LOL.




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