Minorities actors casted in white roles (comic book)

I’m a member of a comic book forum and they were talking about how minorities are being cast in roles that were originally white characters.

For example Idris Elba played Heimdall in Thor (Heimdall is white in the comic books)

Anyway,there’s this rumor that Fox may cast a African-American to play Johnny Storm in their Fantastic Four reboot.

This news got a lot of comic book fans upset because they see it as trying to get minorities to see it or Fox not being faithful to the source material.

What’s my take on this subject?
Well,It really depends on the character they’re casting.

Characters like Superman,Batman,Wolverine,Captain America,Wonder Woman,and others I can’t see being played by minorities actors mainly because they’re so iconic that it would upset both fans and non-fans.

But if it’s like a 2nd tier or supporting characters I could see it happen.

Jamie Foxx is playing Electro in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.
Lawrence Fishburne is playing Perry White in Man of Steel.
Kerry Washington played Alicia Masters in Fox’s Fantastic Four movies.

So,it can work but it really depends on the character.

For me,All I want is an actor that can really play the part well (doesn’t matter what their skin color is)
Could an African-American actor play Johnny Storm?
Don’t know,but it’s a subject worth talking about.

Let me hear what you think about this subject.



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