Iceman & Angel One Shot

I’m a big enough person to admit that I don’t read Marvel that much. I grew up as a DC and Archie fan, but I’ve always respected Marvel. Of course the only time I actually read Marvel, is when they release a one shot, as is the case with this Iceman and Angel one shot. I don’t know much about the X-Men. These one shots are a great way to introduce myself and hopefully new readers to various X-Men and women, which is what this comic did perfectly.

Neither character got a back story, but a back story would honestly bog down the plot. The two are on vacation, but they’re in New York City instead of a real spring break place. While they are roaming around like “little old ladies”, a giant monster which looks like Thing shows up, causing havoc in its path. The two of them naturally go after it, but only ro distract it until the Avengers, Fantastic Four, or even the military show up.

Which they never do. The Avengers are being held captive in space, the Fantastic Four are also being held captive, and the military is too busy cornering Namor, who in an honest to goodness laugh out loud moment quips “For the last time, I can’t “surrender”! This isn’t an invasion of your surface world! I just wanted a bagel! We don’t have them down there!” So it’s up to the two boys to get past their differences, and to fight this monster.

Only the monster isn’t there to fight. He’s there to locate his also Thing look-a-like son, who attends college on Earth.

This is one of the few one shots aside from Lady Deadpool where you will laugh at something on almost every other page. Brian Clevinger is a witty writer, and should probably get a raise. Artist Joan Doe adds to the comic relief with perfect facial expressions, and the monsters are really adorable, for well, being monsters. This is a perfect example of an easy read without being bogged down by having to buy 25 issues just to get to the end. This is much akin to the comics of yesteryear, where a storyline was done in either one or two issues. Of course, then we would be missing out on some *killer* story arcs, such as Blackest Night, but would we honestly know any better?

That being said, bravo to Clevinger and Doe! This was a great addition to my comic collection.




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