I’m in a book about Archie!

Ok, not me per say, but some of the comics you see in this book are from my collection. Plus, my name is in the ‘Thank you’ section, in a book about Archie. That’s a natural high that I’m sure I won’t be able to duplicate for a while.

 Look how damn happy I am.

The book is beautiful. Clocking in at over 200+ pages, there is a little bit of everything covering the long life of Archie and his pals. It also gives a rare glimpse into a side of MLJ I was unaware of; the pin-up side! The introduction is also written really, really well, and full of love. You can’t help but smile when it finally gets to the part about the red-headed freckle face I’ve been a fan of for my whole life. You can pick it up at any local comic shop, or just have them order you one! It will be the best $50 you’ll spend this year. I PROMISE.



One Response to “I’m in a book about Archie!”

  1. Nicky Says:

    That is just downright awesome. Archie for the win!

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