Hawkeye and Mockingbird no more.

If you were like me, who loved the Hawkeye & Mockingbird series and then come and find out that Marvel cancelled the series after a team-up with Black Widow, you are kinda pissed.

Today I was looking through the first couple pages of the Hawkeye mini-series they just came out with.  I’m not gonna spoil it but a new development seems to have happened and now I really wish the Hawkeye and Mockingbird series was continuing.

To say the least, I’m kinda mad about this.  I don’t know what reasons Marvel had for canceling the series, but I think it was a mistake.  I have no idea what the sales were for it (aside from going through the ‘testimonies’ they put on the cover which I always wonder where the hell they got those from) so I can only vouch for myself.  I bought every single issue.  Yeah it wasn’t many but I looked forward to every issue.  And I didn’t realize they had continued into another series with Black Widow until after the fact but I will be buying that too.  And buy the Hawkeye mini-series.

My feelings for this basically are if it isn’t Iron Man, Spiderman or X-men then it doesn’t get a bajillion series.  I just wanted one series of Hawkeye and Mockingbird.  My two favorite characters in the Marvel Universe.  But I can’t even get that.  But X-men has almost several titles, half of them I don’t like.  Marvel is slightly better then DC cause DC seems to rely heavily on Batman titles.  Or Green Lantern titles (Hey Geoff Johns, I’d really like your Flash series to get a new issue more then once every six months.  Back off of Green Lantern for a while plz).

Overall I am pissed at Marvel for this.  I’d really like my fav series back.



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