Five questions, with Dan Parent

Special thanks to Dan Parent of Archie Comic fame for taking the time to answer a few questions about Kevin Keller, Archie 616, and the future of Archie!

-Of all of the conservative political figures to work from, how did Sarah Palin get elected (so to speak)?

Dan: We needed to go with someone who had the political “star power” that Obama has, on the GOP side of course. And Sarah Palin is definitely the face of the GOP right now.

-Is she going to be a parody like Tina Fey, or will she just be a normal conservative gal caught up in the craziness that is Riverdale?

Dan: We’re not going to get too political, the characters will be treated as public figures who get involved with the students, but we won’t see any hot button issues discussed.

-Also, will she say “donchaknow” or “you betcha” anywhere in there?

Dan: Maybe a ” you betcha” will find its way in there. In fact, it does!

-Will Kevin be in any future Archie stories? The way he was introduced into the Archie-verse was done with taste and fierceness, and I really hope to see more of him!

Dan: Kevin will definitely be back, there are already 2 more stories completed with him, with more to follow.

-What else can Archie fans look forward too in the upcoming months?

Dan: More new characters, more crossover stories, and 70th anniversary special issues for 2011.


Check out more of Dan Parent at as well as!



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