Who knew Archie was so liberal?

Coming out this December, Archie #616 will feature both the President, as well as Alaska’s own Sarah Palin. A quick blip from Archiecomics.com tells us “President Barack Obama and famed politician Sarah Palin get involved as Student Government campaigns spiral out of control at Riverdale High! The race between Archie and Reggie gets hot as campaign chaos reaches to the top, forcing an impromptu visit from these big-name politicos, who get pulled into the fray!”

Ok, the President I can understand, but Palin didn’t even finish out her term in Alaska. But I see where they are coming from; Grab the liberal, African-American President, and the conservative, white woman, who are both into politics and CRAZY SHIT HAPPENS.

However, much like when Kevin was introduced (you know, the gay kid in Riverdale.) people are going crazy over a comic book! Somehow this is pushing the liberal agenda on our youth, and really, won’t someone think of the children? I’ve been to schools where they do in fact push an agenda on to children. I find that more deplorable than a comic book you can simply say ‘no’ too. Is Archie even pushing a liberal agenda? I don’t think so. Before the 08 election I saw no sign of them telling readers to vote for either McCain or Obama. Sure, Veronica got to meet Obama, but that was after he was president. I’m sure if McCain was elected, he would be in the Archie universe somewhere. And if you’re still under the impression that having a gay character is pushing the liberal agenda (I guess all gay people are liberal), I have news for you: That’s not pushing any kind of political agenda. It’s pushing the including-all-people agenda. It might not be a real agenda, but it should be, because that is what this shit is.

I’m glad Archie is moving forward into modern times. I can safely say I have Archie books from the 40’s and 50’s where they were anything but politically correct. They have indeed come a long way, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.




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