Free Collars Kingdom

This three issue series, by Fujima Takuya, is a gigantic piece of shit. Well story wise at least. The art is really appealing. However, the story was really lack luster. It started off on a good note. A cat is abandoned by his master (a young boy) who is sick and has to go to the hospital. For whatever damn reason, the mother throws the cat away because it reminds her of her not dead son. Honestly that is a great way to start a manga. It’s sad, dramatic, and it gives you hope that maybe the little boy will get well, go looking for his garbage kitty, rescue him, and then pimp slap his mother and throw her away.

Well, that doesn’t happen.

Instead the cat is “found” by other thrown away strays. And they all have super powers. At that point I can’t even tell you what happens because it’s all annoying fluff and pointless filler stories. I don’t even know if the kid comes back for his cat because I can not stomach this series. It’s not even cute, it’s just fucking dumb. Save yourself the agony and go read Sailor Moon.




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