Birds of Prey #1

I picked up the Birds of Prey #1 because the art was pretty. I am not familiar with BOP in any other way, to be honest. While it is a good first issue, I feel like you need to have a back ground or prior knowledge about BOP before reading. For example, I had no idea Lady Blackhawk was in the team. This story really tries to be an introduction, but it was kind of lost on me in some parts.

However, the story is shaping up to be really good. I’ll keep reading for a few more issues, just to feel it out.

The new Flash series is really enjoyable. I was not a Flash fan prior, but this series has been a fun read so far, with some pretty funny bits.

Oh, and apparently Bruce Wayne is traveling through time or some shit. Julie talked about it a little bit ago on here, and yes, so far, really good.




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