Aquaman, a crappy zombie.

If you have not been following Blackest Night/Brightest Day, this will have spoilers.

So in Blackest Night, the worst super hero ever–Aquaman–is a Black Lantern, because he is dead. He was a really shitty Black Lantern. His wife (who is a bad ass) beat him up all of the time. Well, long story short, someone thought it was a good idea to bring him back. It was never a good idea to bring him back. The best idea DC has had in the past decade was killing him off. The worst idea was bringing him back. HE SUCKS. He talks to fish. Now he talks to dead fish. And while that might seem like a cool idea (it is) Aquaman is just not good. His wife can control water, and she’s pretty strong. Like, she can repel bullets strong. Superman must have given her some of that, if you catch my drift.

Brightest Day so far is good. Deadman is kind of boring, but whatever.  At least he’s better than Aquaman.




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