The White Lantern

So I’ll assume if you’re reading this, you already know the ending to Blackest Night. I must say it was good, but I had a hunch Sinestro wouldn’t last long as the White Lantern. I was happy to see all of the Lanterns as one. Simply beautiful. The artist deserves as many props as one could give him. I’m also happy to see almost everyone come back to life–Except Aquaman. He could have stayed dead that fish fucking fucker.

Batman, on the other hand…Did not come back. As we all know, no one stays dead in the world of comics. Eventually they all come back! Superman came back what, an issue later? So this means Batman is not dead, which we all knew. He is probably stuck in some time warp, and only Doctor Who can save him. I kind of want that to happen, since Doctor Who is sexy. So I eagerly await the return of the actual Batman, since whatever Robin is taking his place sucks and I don’t like him.

Brightest Day has been good so far; I’m really digging the new Flash title. I admit I know very little about Flash, but it’s never too late to start! I also still need to find Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3. I can’t remember if I bought it or not.

Gotham City Sirens also has a new artist! While I like this new artist a great deal, the story is still really boring, except when Edward Nigma gets involved. I think he and Catwoman should hook up. I’m totally serious.




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