I still buy comics at a store

Call me really old school, but I still get a thrill of buying comics at a store. Sure, I buy music and movies off of iTunes regularly, but comic books? I still can’t wrap my mind around it. Hell, I have a hard enough time already trying to watch the movies I do buy online, on my computer. My other comic collecting friends are all about this new online comic book thing Marvel, Archie, and many others are doing. However, I’m not. Sure it’s easier and saves on a fuck ton of space in your house, but I still like holding the comic. I love the smell of fresh ink.

Comic book reading seems to be a dying breed anyhow. While I have no fear my comic shop will close their doors (they have been open for 20+ years now), I fear that comic companies will cease publication of actual comics and go all digital. While I understand this is the future, I don’t want to read comics online, for the reasons I posted above. While we’re also on the topic, to all of you assholes who still download comics for free off of bootleg sites (or anime, whatever) you’re doing more harm than good. Knock it off.




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