Japanese Batman in Fells Point Baltimore

Last night I got an awesome Japanese Batman shirt. I do not have a pic, but just believe me when I say the shirt kicks ass.

If you happen to live in the Baltimore area, there is a new shop in Fells Point, facing the water. The shop is Graphic Novelty, and it’s pretty cool. They have a nice selection of new comics, as well as figures, shirts, and random crap. They keep pretty late hours (they are open until 11 on Friday and Saturday), but frankly would you want to keep late hours in a place known for the bars? I frankly can’t see some random drunk asshole buying a fuckload of comics late Saturday night. However, foot traffic during the day is probably really great, and probably more so on weekends with all of the tourists.

Would I go back? Maybe. I have a LCS I buy my stuff from, and I’m not big on random comic book crap. They have NO back issues either. I realize that having GA-BA books in the store may be a bad idea (chances are, the average comic book geek can’t afford them), but really that’s all I look for when I go to other shops. All in all, I hope this place stays open.




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