“With no power, comes no responsibility.”

I wish you could have been there. I got advanced screening tickets for tonight. I didn’t know what I was getting in too since I did not read the book before hand. The story was really good. The acting was really good (even Nick Cage)! I can’t believe this is a Lions Gate film, because they have a history of really shitty films. This movie is not one of them. You will laugh (a lot). You will cry (a little). And you might even applaud (I did because I’m a nerd). I guarantee that if you like comic books, and pretty violence, you will like this movie. The movie has a mother fucking bazooka in it, and you can’t go wrong with a bazooka!

The best part? Big Daddy does have a Batman voice. But NOT the Christian Bale voice. You’ll see. Yes you fucking will.

Hit Girl is amazing and I wish I could be her.

The guy who plays Kick Ass is really hot, and I would tear that ass up. (RANDOM EDIT BUT WHAT THE FUCK THE KID IS 19 AND GOT A 43 YEAR OLD WOMAN PREGNANT AND IS ENGAGED TO HER MIND FUCKING WENT BOOM.)

I can’t wait for the sequel!




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