Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Bottle Opener

If someone can locate one for me, I will bake you cookies.

Anyhow, this week I did NOT go to my LCS, despite the fact that Blackest Night #8 is out today!  I try to avoid the shop on new comic day, since it is usually impossible for me to get to the comic racks (I’m 4’11) since people literally park themselves in front of the rack, reading the new comics.

So, to all of you asshats who do that, stop it. It’s rude. You are taking up valuable space and whenever I say excuse me you look at me like I have three heads. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. You probably didn’t even want that comic anyhow. If you’re unsure about it, go ask your buddies or maybe the guy or gal working at the counter. Stop getting in my way.

Summer con season is quickly coming! I’ll be at Wizard World Philly this year, attempting to get William Shatner to sign a book for my dad. Bruce Campbell will also be there, and he is a sexy, sexy man!




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