Dan Parent is awesome.

Growing up I developed a deep love and adoration for Archie comics. When I was in the hospital (rather frequently), Archie and his friends always made me feel better. I adore the work of Dan Parent, Rex W. Lindsay and Bill Woggon and wanted to draw just like them. I would spend hours with a sketch book and pencils trying to copy their styles. The character I could only really draw well was Jughead, but he is my favorite so you know.

Dan Parent is easily my favorite Archie artist. I love the way he makes the characters look extra cartoony and just fun. His style is unique, its fluid, and it’s just easy on the eyes. I have a steady collection of OA by him, and I’m always more than happy to pay for them, because he really is one heckuva good artist. His work outside of Archie is pretty awesome and funny too! And, he kind of looks like David Tennant. You simply can not hate someone who kind of  looks like the Doctor. And if you do, you have no soul.





One Response to “Dan Parent is awesome.”

  1. scarletsculturegarden Says:

    I don’t ever remember seeing Archie but I know what you’re talking about – the artists were very talented, even if I never actually read the comics!

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